Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The Vagrant Prom Queen

Each Winter, I like to have an overriding aesthetic - last Winter, it was what I dubbed a “homeless prom queen” look, similar to what Meredith calls “Cheap Glamour”. Ratty, tattered, luxe, pastels: Velvet tuxedo jackets with the velvet bare in places, chantilly lace dresses with gaping holes where the lace has separated, gloves with the fingers cut off, wool berets with holes in them, an old “simulated fur” capelet from the 60s.

I want to develop this look again this winter, but with less poofy tulle and more semi-futuristic, sleek elements. Shiny black legs, silver sequin jackets. With turbans and moth-eaten cashmere. Deconstructed tweed jackets and 1930’s silk slips, mixed with patent boots and mirrored glasses.

These Repetto shoes would be perfect if only my little size 37 feet would grow!

The idea is that the look involves pieces that connote old world glamour, while also looking like you pulled them from an estate sale, a clothing swap, or from outside your nearest Vinnies bin.

I may find a use for all of those beaded flapper-esque ivory dresses I bought when I was 17, after all! I’ll play a little dress-ups with this look & my (vast) wardrobe later on, when I have some time that is all mine (!) but until then, here are a couple of Polyvore pretties:

Winter: Luxe Vagrant

I'd love to paint in these all day, until I feel hazy from the fumes, and go and buy some Czech pilsners and take them to a public garden with a few fellow Ponies and some balloons (and possibly some blankets to rug up in). I would occasionally do the Charleston along the way to break up the monotony of walking.

Winter: Vagrant Prom Queen


lauren said...

I totally love dressing with a theme and sort of going with it for a long while, it makes a great statement and it also makes shopping a really fun treasure hunt -seaching for things that fit that theme.

Hate This And I'll Love You said...

I love the concept, it makes me think of a glamorous old woman who has gone blind. She surrounded herself with glamour and then it deteriorated. She doesn't know, so she is still going out wearing velvet jackets with worn arms and lace threading apart.

meredith graves said...

YAY i've been waiting for this post! i need these kinds of clothes for tour. bawwww.

Pony said...

lauren - that's so true! shopping is so much fun when you're trying to create an aesthetic, as opposed to just getting things you need.

hate this and i'll love you - thank you! & yes, that's it exactly! i really love the whole deteriorated glamour thing.

meredith graves - i hope you wear them during your tour! you'd look FANTASTIC!