Friday, 20 March 2009

Two Painting Outfits

My life has been taken over. Invaded. Well and truly. Currently, my life is all about painting. And my Honours degree. I'm even dreaming about it, for chrissakes. Which is why my daily outfit photographs have turned into the outfits that I paint in - in all their cadmium-red-splattered, daggy glory. I've even started wearing jeans again, purely because most of my jeans are already covered in paint, so why worry about them?

One thing I like about being in the studio a lot is that it forces me to be more creative about what I wear - ideally, I would wear inexpensive clothes, clothes that I don't particularly value. But I don't want to just throw on a pair of tracksuit pants and be done with it, either. I want to put together an outfit that still bears the hallmarks of, well, me, even if my favourite dress-up ingredients, like 50's dresses and patent boots, are out.

(By the way, I don't own tracksuit pants. Don't worry.)

Please excuse my face in these photographs! They were both taken at about eight in the morning, and my face doesn't usually fall into place until at least eleven.

painting outfit

On Wednesday, I wore:

• Maroon geometric scarf.
• Maroon velvet bed jacket, formerly a dressing gown, worn as a jacket.
• White 'Just Jeans' cotton dress, eBay, $2.
• Black 60's ruffled nightie, underneath.
• Black 'Jay Jay's' skinny jeans.
• Black and white 1940's spectator heels, opshopped.

painting outfit

And today I wore:

• White ruffled tuxedo shirt, eBay.
• Jeans, bought in Europe.
• White flip-floppy thong things (I wasn't functioning well enough at eight this morning to think about footwear).
• Blue beret, eBay.

And while we're on the subject of my life-consuming painting obsession, here is one of my favourite painters, Rosson Crow, dressed fantastically at one of her shows (taken from this amazing interview):


Hate This And I'll Love You said...

Is that your painting in the background? I really like it x

Pony said...

It's a painting by a friend of mine, whom I share a studio with :) I'll pass the compliment on!

a cat of impossible colour said...

I get into this kind of crazy space too, when I'm working flat-out ... am in it now in fact. Although I don't have to worry about paint splashes! I think it's great that you still look so lovely when you're absorbed in your work.