Sunday, 22 March 2009

Pinks Picks

So these are my picks of the last week or twos blog crops,

  • This sexy ass shiny american apparel Batwing Hoodie, preferably in the Champagne Lustre Colorway, doubly matched with this Lame Headband, silver again of course.
  • These Nike Killshot re-releases, they remind me sort of a Cortez, but sportier, just so clean and nice. The perfect sneaker.
  • Nike boatshoes? YES PLEASE! Also on the subject of boatshoes, i just can't go past these Sebago Docksides for breathing nice fresh air into a pretty standard shoe. Shame theyre limited to such small numbers, ill probably never see a pair.
  • Official dropped these totally dope caps for their spring line, i'm especially feeling the Catalinas, the checked ones, i would wear the hell out of that.
  • Stussy just keeps going from strength to strength IMHO, and seeing this collab with one of my all time fav cartoonists Peter Bagge, well, the cake has been iced.
  • Who doesnt love Chanels bigwig Karl Lagerfeld? And just when you thought the glove wearing legend couldn't get cooler they release a Barbie (well a ken) doll of him! HOLY SHIT BATMAN!
This video cropped up and i just kept watching it and watching it, tAz Arnold is bringing the crazy styles! i could never come up with the stuff he is wearing in this clip! just inspiring.

I'll finish up with one of my outfits i managed to snag a photo of this week,
Just going for old fashioned class, trying to keep it simple and nice,

I was wearing, Van Authentics on my feet (pretty new, still got the tag!), Moji Pants that i inherited a while ago, C17 button up and an opshopped scarf!

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