Sunday, 1 March 2009

The House of Teese

These are old photographs, so you've probably seen them before, but I love how stuffy and dustily glamorous Dita Von Teese's house is. I couldn't live within those walls, but it appeals to the red-lipsticked, purple-rinsed fabulous old lady I will one day be:

Photographs by Jeff Minton for the New York Times.


lauren said...

Try as I might, I just cannot make my life resemble the vintage perfection Dita has accomplished, I love this little glimpse into her closet!

Hate This And I'll Love You said...

I've never seen these before, I'm glad you posted them :)

Eyeliah @ said...

Love the rich colors.

Pony said...

lauren - me either :/ i'm just to partial to mess & modern conveniences, i guess! i know,i'd kill for her hat collection!

hate this and i'll love you - yay! i'm glad :)

eyeliah - me too. it's all incredibly opulent.

L. said...

never seen these pictures, i love her little vanity