Saturday, 28 March 2009

The Headdress and The Harlequin

On Thursday night I went to a Stone Soup party, à la the Grimm's Brothers fairy tale.

This kind of party is a fantastic idea, by the way, if you and your friends ever experience end-of-pay-week doldrums. You know, when you look in your fridge only to be greeted by an onion and a very unhappy looking sweet potato. And you don't get paid until the next day. Just call a few people, get them all to bring a vegetable, and knock up a soup in your biggest pot - magic!

On Thursday, however, I was feeling tired and a bit overwhelmed by my coursework, and just wanted to stay in bed with my new t-shirt and a trashy movie. I eventually decided to go out and be social - so long as I didn't have to change out of my comfy bed wear.

So here's what I wore:


• Headdress t-shirt from an Evil Polyester-Loud-Music-and-Neon-Lights Store. I never go in those sorts of stores, but I loved this shirt so much, I caved.
• 1930's black rayon teddy.
• Black OTK socks,
• Vintage 1970's red boots.
• Vintage Kenzo silk harlequin-print scarf. My favourite scarf, definitely.
• Sports bandage on my wrist.
• 'Diesel' glasses.

Detail of my rings:


Top to bottom: 1970's citrine ring that was a gift to my mother from her then-husband. Pearl ring that was my grandmothers. Engraved silver bulbous ring that my grandmother bought in Malaysia in the ... 70's? Maybe? Rhinestone cluster ring, a present from my mother.

Most of my rings are somehow tied to the women in my family. I don't wear rings that often, but when I do, I like to wear so many that they look like bejewelled knuckledusters, as I told the lovely joulesstar.

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