Monday, 9 March 2009

Glam Army Gal

I pulled out this dress from the back of my wardrobe today. I haven't worn it for over a year. I couldn't figure out why - it's beautifully made, the striped silk is feather-light ... I pulled it on and suddenly remembered. It doesn't suit me. The colour is wrong against my skin. My waist is 24 inches but you wouldn't guess under those folds of olive green. The skirt is too long and dwarfs me.

I've worn the dress all day in an effort to convince myself not to sell it on, but really. Even after donning my favourite Mollini boots, my favourite garrison hat and some red lipstick, the dress still looked more middle-aged-big-busted-matron than twenty-two-year-old-girl-with-Billy-Idol-hair. Sad. Even hamming it up in photographs didn't change my mind - I still felt frumpy:


glam army gal


So today I wore:
• 1950's silk shirtwaist dress, soon to be someone else's via eBay, I guess.
• Mollini cut-out boots.
• Garrison hat, eBay. I had a stewardess hat obsession for about a year and a half.
• Extras: Red lipstick, 50's petticoat, child's singlet.


L. said...

cute outfit! especially love the hat

Le Tasché said...

I like the green colour and the shoes are amazing.

a cat of impossible colour said...

I love the hat! Could you have the dress shortened? Or is it not worth it? I had a gorgeous green fifties shirtwaister a few months ago that I loved but which gave me the same 'meh' feeling. Sold it. Got money. Felt better. No point keeping something that makes you feel blah, I guess!

Fio said...

Oh! I've just discovered your blog and I think it's really really nice! I'll check it out more. See you here and on my page! :)

Pony said...

L. - thanks! i love this hat, too :)

Le Tasché - they are great, aren't they? i've owned them for a few weeks now and i'm still not over the glow-y feeling of owning them!

a cat of impossible colour - the skirt, while a bit long, is beautiful. it's more the bodice that i have trouble with. it's so blousey. and the colour is abit drab for me, i think. it's shame when these things happen, isn't it? still, i'm sure our dresses did/will go to someone who loves them more :)

fio - oh, thanks so much, lovely girl!

Eyeliah @ said...

I don't know, wear it with a thick belt and shorten it. Or sell it on etsy and I'll buy it. :-)

punkygurl said...

aww,i love ur outfit! your quirky style and you obviously are outgoing.