Friday, 27 March 2009

Current Things

This guy, Chris Johanson, makes awesome paintings, as evidenced here and here. (His wife, Jo Jackson, also makes incredible work.) And he looks fantastic, too! This picture makes me wish I had a beard and some hornrim glasses as well.

Seriously. But I'd be satisfied with a mere moustache.

Things have been busy, lately, and will continue to be crazy! I've said I'm sorry before, and I am. It just means that this blog will be mostly outfit pictures during the semester. I have an outfit photo from last night's Stone Soup party (yes, that's right, we all brought a vegetable like in the fairytale) and tomorrow night I'm going to dress up like Darryl Hannah from Blade Runner for a Science-themed party, so I'll try and capture that too.

I've bought quite a bit in the way of clothes lately - most recently, a super soft t-shirt with an Indian headdress on it (I'm still halfway through making my own headdress after encountering huge logistical problems!), a 1930's ivory silk faille suit, a velvet Victorian mourning cape and a 1970's rayon zip-up playsuit that I have to stop breathing to fit into.

Otherwise, my brain is wholly consumed with painting, paper, perspex ... and alliteration, clearly.

So, what have you been up to lately, lovelies? And what are your most recently-purchased pieces of clothing?


Eyeliah @ said...

Hey Pony! I just did a feature on your blog, I hope that's okay. :-)
Here: Style Symmetry Pony & Pink post

Pony said...

oh, WOW! Eyeliah!! It's amazing! Thank you for all of your kind words :)

I am grinning so hard!!


Eyeliah @ said...