Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The Butterfly Cabinet

Photograph by Robyn Stacey of the Macleay Butterfly Cabinet from the NMA journal archives.

Another strange piece of inspiration. I stumbled across this image online this morning. The colours struck me immediately. I put together three outfits based on the kinds of colours in this beautifully arranged butterfly cabinet, based on a simple outfit of taupe boots (Mollini), lilac stockings (We Love Colors) and a brown lace slip (St. Vinnies):



In this outfit, I added:
• 1960's tweed cape, bought at a vintage market.
• Ivory 'Cue' galaxy-style dress.
• Grosgrain ribbon belt, borrowed from a vintage lace dress.



In this weird colour combination, I added:
• Blue silk and organza scalloped dress, 1950's, eBay.
• Yellow cardigan, 'Avocado'.
• Mustard belt, borrowed from an old 'Cue' dress.
• Blue beret, eBay.



And in this, I added:
• Turquoise heavy duchesse satin 1950's tulip dress, vintage store on King St, Newtown.
• Multicoloured knit cap, bought by my sister in Chile.


anja louise said...

This is an awesome post! I love the way the colors and shapes reflect the butterflies. I just bought those lilac tights too! The scallop dress is my favorite, I love scallop shapes so much. You look so great!

futurelint said...

I REALLLLY like the colors in the first outfit and that scalloped dress is amazing!

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

What divine color combos, you have me convinced I need a mustard cardigan.

Pony said...

anja louise - thank you :) i love scallop shapes too! i'm always looking for them on ebay ...

futurelint - thanks :) i really need to wear that dress more often, i think!

eyeliah - you definitely need one! and thank you - the colours of the butterflies were just too perfect :)

ambika said...

I wish I had the kind of vintage collection you have--such gorgeous outfits. Each item alone is drool worthy but altogether just fantastic.

Pony said...

thank you, ambika! i really love my vintage collection too, even though my obsession with vintage is kind of a money hoover at times :)