Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Things I’d Like To Do This Valentines Day (By Myself)

Photograph by dangzit.

While I agree that Valentines Day is a schmaltzy holiday full of tacky teddies and wilting roses, that doesn’t stop me wanting to celebrate. Alone. For and by myself.

This year, I'd like to:

• Try my hand at a raw vegan rose cheesecake.

• Wear fresh red lipstick all day and kiss windows.

• Make a playlist full of romantic classics like “The Scratch” by 7 Year Bitch.

• Buy myself hot pink flowers.

• Keep my fingers crossed that it rains so I can run out and play in the rain in a 1940’s bathing suit.

• Make lingerie from pieces of silk that I keep hoarding and never use.

• Make antique-style valentines with text saying things like, “you’re okay, I guess”, and “please don’t ever wear clothes again”. You know, sentimental stuff.

• If I were a little more bitter around this time of year, I’d get these gorgeous fripperies. I might anyway.

And keep your eyes peeled for a guest post at Yes and Yes, written by this little Pony, about taking yourself on dates (and, naturally, what to wear while on them)!


Michelle said...

Loved your post at Yes and Yes!

Now I want to go buy myself flowers...

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

did my comment disappear? lol. Anyway, was agreeing with 7 year bitch on the playlist. :-)

Pony said...

Thanks Michelle! You should - you deserve lots of flowers!

Eyeliah - We must be the only people in the world to think of 7 year bitch as romantic songwriters!?