Sunday, 1 February 2009

The Sunday Obsessional

Images from and American Apparel.

Well, I had a categorically bad week – the kind of week where everything bad is sandwiched together – rent being raised, impending landlord inspections, my external hard drive kicking the bucket & pushing up the daisies. Gah. Never mind. It's over now! So, the things I managed to be excited by this week include:

My new white hair: To take the edge off my crappy week, I decided to do something else altogether - something fun, or at least something distracting. Two and a half glove-clad, Pretty-in-Pink-watching hours later, I was white-haired. The picture is of me while cleaning the house, grey-t-shirted and haggard, but you get the idea. I’m still not sure if I like my hair white – from some angles I feel like a stereotypical Soviet spy (or something), but change is good … right?

Stirrup leggings. Yep. I want them, I love them. I’ll have them in cashmere for winter, please. I’ll prance around in a cotton pair with a leotard for the rest of the summer. I’ll even wear my shiny pair. Oh yes. I am obsessed.

The Artful Dodger and The Kid – Mixed with Summer Wear! I’m talkin’ bowler hats and rompers, like in the Betsey Johnson runway picture above, fingerless gloves with bloomer-style shorts, or moustaches and red ruffled taffeta dresses. I love a stylistic cocktail, and this week this is the one that’s caught my fancy!


Eyeliah @ said...

Oh white hair, I want to one day, once I get my hair shorter. :-)

cara-mia said...

You hair looks fab!

Pony said...

Eyeliah - It's a lot of fun, but I'm still not used to it!

Cara Mia - Thanks, kitten-girl!