Saturday, 21 February 2009

A Summer Dress For Winter

the dress

I received this gloriously summery dress (above) in the mail yesterday, just in time for the seasonal shift. So started brainstorming ways that I could wear it as the weather gets progressively colder. Obviously I could take the classic route, and wear it with patent pumps and a fitted coat - but that doesn't sound too interesting to me. Instead, I decided to play dress-ups with some deliberately mismatching colours and textures and patterns to see what I could come up with.

What resulted was two outfits that I am now affectionately calling "hobo prep" and "disco goth"!

Hobo prep:

HOBO PREP + detail

HOBO PREP 2: The Sequel


• 60's "Lanz original" polka-dot dress, from eBay.
• Off-white herringbone tights by "Voodoo", a Christmas present.
• Red flats, purchased in Tokyo.
• Tan cardigan, from the evil "Cotton On".
• Blue jacket, a boy's blazer, opshopped in a nearby town.
• Faux fur collar, came with a cardigan, used as a scarf.

Disco goth:


sequin detail


• 60's "Lanz original" polka-dot dress, from eBay.
• Victorian lace collar, eBay.
• Sequin black jacket by MinkPink.
• AA legging in 'black eel'.
• Patent wedges, a birthday gift from my mother.

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Eva said...

Very creative idea.!! I too like to wear my summer dresses in winter.