Sunday, 15 February 2009

Satin Skirt: Redux

This (really unflattering!) photograph was taken at eight o'clock this morning, and this is what I wore to work today. Although I actually spent the better part of the day in a black tutu. I work as a life model for art classes - and today's class had a distinctly Degas focus. Modeling for art classes is a physically strenuous job, and by the end of today, all I wanted to was run a Lush bath and listen to Pink Moon on repeat.

satin skirt redux

I was wearing:
• 1950s satin circle skirt, peach tulle petticoat underneath, both eBayed.
• Black leggings, a present from my mother.
• 1940s black and white spectator heels, opshopped.
• Black American Apparel leotard.
• Vintage quasi-collegiate cardigan, made from a weird, weird coarse synthetic fabric.
• Black patent belt from a 'Cue' dress.

The details:


spectator shoes, detail


Caitlin said...

how did you first get started as a life model? that always seemed like a cool job.

Pony said...

Caitlin - I went up to the administration of my art school and told them I'd like to model. They wrote down a description of me, asked if I had any experience (it's usually best if you've taken drawing classes, because then you know what is good to draw and what's not) and I signed some workplace contracts and had one class to see if I could do it. I loved it, so I kept working at my art school, and over the years, the people I've modeled for there have introduced me to other arts organisations, so now I work all over my city.

It was a pretty easy job to get, and it's a lovely job to have :)

Misty said...

I love that outfit, and those shoes are adorable :D

It's cool you're doing life modeling. I'm taking life drawing at the moment, so life models are much appreciated ^_^ It seems tiring to be sitting or standing still for 20 minutes at a time (that's the longest our model had to be still)

Pony said...

Thanks, Misty!

It's really not too tiring :) You have to be somewhat fit to do it, but after you've been modeling for a couple of years you don't think twice about standing in the one position for a long time (though last week, I have to stand for a couple of hours at a time, which was less fun!)

Paulie said...

Love your swingin' cicrle skirt, Pony. What e-bay vendor did you get it from?