Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Dress Doctor

I have referred to my flat as a "prom dress hospital" from time to time. And sometimes it really does look like one - pastel tulle dresses hanging from every available hook, pins, scissors (scalpel!) and measuring tape littered around each gown.

But to be straight - I am not a fan of radically altering vintage clothes. The older they are, the more of a problem I have with the idea of cutting them up.

Unless they are beyond help. Or beyond wearing.

I have had a full-length pink 1950's chiffon gown in my house for about a year. Because of its length, and the fact that an overexcited prom queen seemed to have put her muddy foot right through the delicate hem at some point, it wasn't really wearable. Not wearable beyond swanning around my apartment, at any rate. But I loved that it had a muddy hole in it - it seemed to suggest a history, conjuring up images of a picture-perfect girl some fifty years ago, tripping through the forest or town park, tipsy on gin after her prom night.

So I didn't alter it. I eventually stuffed it in an ancient red suitcase, and it has sat there ever since.

What a waste.

So this morning, I finally got to work! It is now a wearable length, though I kept the long embroidered train (it's a Pony tail!)

Before and after cutting.

Wearing the new length - before I fixed it a little.

A detail of the embroidery.

Now I just have to figure out how and where to wear it ... other than to the supermarket.


evaleyland said...

WOW What an amazing dress! Where did you find this one?

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

Amazing alterations, looks so pretty. Yes would be hard to find occasions, but I say any birthday party or concert would be fun.

Hate This And I'll Love You said...


ambika said...

Such a gorgeous dress. I'm only now, after having been sewing about a year and a half, looking through my accumulated finds and realizing what's been sitting around a *really* long time. This is definitely motivation to get going.

Pony said...

evaleyland - I think it was on eBay!

Eyeliah - Thank you :) And yes, I think you're right - luckily, I have some friends' birthdays coming up!

Hate This And I'll love You - Thanks :)

ambika - I love it too :) Good luck with the sewing!