Saturday, 21 February 2009


Seeing as the 1990's have penetrated current fashion in every conceivable way - though I'm still not sure acid wash denim vests should have been unleashed on the general public the first time around, let alone a second time - I thought I'd concoct some outfits from a television show that really made the 90's ... well, I was going to say the 90's, but I guess what I mean is ... bearable. I'm talking about Daria.

Post-grunge, but still suffused with "bitter 90's cynicism", Daria still has a place in the heart of many a twenty-something. So I took my cue from the current 90's trend and asked myself: What would the characters' outfits look like more than ten years later?




Jane: Daria

Trent (for those hell bent on male style):

Trent: Daria
Trent: Daria - by aquaell on

Quinn The Brain & Quinn:

Quinn and Quin The Brain: Daria


Vixel said...

People used to make fun of me for having a crush on a cartoon character, but Trent was SO hot!

futurelint said...

oh yes, trent was hot! I really wish Daria was on DVD but I heard that it's too expensive to get the rights to all those '90s songs...

Pony said...

Vixel - I'm with you! Trent was such a cutie!

futurelint - I wish it was, too. I torrented all the seasons years ago, but when my hard drive crashed the other week, I lost them all. Sad!

& I can't even imagine how much that would cost!!

april said...

this is absolutely perfect!

Eyeliah @ said...

Great work, guys in necklaces are hot. Love the one you picked.

Hate This And I'll Love You said...

This is awesome, I have been likened to Jane Lane - and I think Trent is perfect. Incestuous? Indeed.

Pony said...

hate this and i'll love you - i think being compared to jane lane is awesome!! incestuous, pah! he's hot!