Saturday, 7 February 2009


This is what I’m wearing to a (vegetarian) barbeque in 39 degree heat (that’s 102 to you Fahrenheit-lovin’ kids in the Northern hemisphere!)

Haha. This blog is rapidly becoming a weather report – but I make a nice weather girl, non?


Anyway, I wore:

• A 70’s does 50’s georgette polka dot dress, bought from a local vintage shop and drastically shortened.
• Frilly red Leg Avenue knickers (unseen) – because the dress is too translucent for my liking.
• Blue scarf, a gift from Boy Made of Glitter (Now his official nickname!!).
• White flipflops/monstrosities/necessities.
• White sunglasses, also a gift from said Boy.
• A mixture of two red lipsticks – because I’ve never found the right shade.

Aaand the less interesting picture:


Happy heatwave!


evaleyland said...

I have recently stumbled across your blog... and i am in love! Super cute girl, super cute clothes... keep it up!!!
(I hear ya on the heat wave thing - im from NZ and its just as hot here atm, im envious of the northern hemisphere)

Iole said...

Nice look and really cute blog!
xo xo

Lula said...

I think the weather factor is important - it's part of the whole challenge of what to wear and how to wear it well! I don't know how you've managed to keep your skin so beautiful and fair though - I've been using lashings of sunscreen AND I work indoors but have gone brown like a biscuit -despite my celtic roots.
PS have you tried Revlon's 'Revlon Red' (mm creative). It looks to be a similar colour to what you are wearing....

meredith graves said...

oh tank tank tank you. i'm sure we could find some hilariously exploitative and decadent poolside activities... floating on reed rafts and getting mint juleps from the pool boy, very 'midnight in the garden of good and evil' mixed with a bit of zelda fitzgerald.

my clothing is so boring lately & its plaguing me. keep being inspiring!

Pony said...

evaleyland - thanks so much! the heat has thankfully subsided here, hope it's the same in NZ :)

lole - thank you! xo

Lula - that's true :) I don't know how I've managed to escape sunburn this year - just lucky, I guess! though I do probably have a couple more freckles on my nose ... I've never worn Revlon Red. next time I need to stock up, I'll check it out.

meredith - hmm. these sound like plans!