Sunday, 25 January 2009

The Sunday Obsessional

Photographs by The Facehunter and from Sea of Shoes.

Clubmasters. Okay, so Pink has a pair, but I've recently grown obsessed with them. They seem to be a male-dominated style, but I think there's something cute about these lil glasses on a girl.

Rainwear. It's grey outside today, and I'm mostly staring out the window, wishing it would rain! I have a thing for clothing that looks as though it's ready for puddles and drizzle at any second - like glossy black boots, ruffled parasols-cum-umbrellas, old synthetics from the 1950's that are plastic to the touch, and of course, latex stockings.

Layering. Layering like a batty pirate-obsessed bag lady/wedding cake. Sheer jersey tops, tulle cravats, waistcoats, capes, cashmere gloves cut off at the fingers ... Gimme insane layers any day of the week. Did I mention I can't wait for autumn?!

Cashmere tights. I'd like a pair to live in this winter. Seriously. I'll just pull them on in May, burrow into my blankets, and emerge in August.

Extra, extra: These women by The Facehunter - 1 & 2. I'd like to adopt them and feed them cake.

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