Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The Slump

Antique French Crowns, originally uploaded by presentpast.

Well, ladies and gents. Pony here. You may remember me from that time (was it last week?) when I actually bothered to get dressed.

Yes. As I might have mentioned before, I am officially experiencing le slumps. Slumpsville. That terrible affliction that means all I can be bothered to wear is a petticoat. Maybe socks. Sure, I get dressed to leave my house, but if I’m not leaving my house, forget about it. It’s a phenomenon addressed by Gala Darling in years past, and while she had some fantastic advice on the subject – and even gave it a cute acronym - here are the things that I’ve been trying to get me out of this descent into sartorial laziness:

Taking to hair with a pair of clippers. Hacking it off without much regard for how it's going to look is a wonderful feeling – if, and only if, you’re not too precious with your locks. If you treasure your hair this might just lead to tears and cursing.

Making an appointment with a hairdresser to colour your hair. This means you have to leave your house. It’s worth either shelling out decent money for the appointment, or going to someone who you KNOW is fantastic – the idea here is to feel better, not to take a gamble on a colourist who might make you feel a whole lot worse.

Making an appointment with a massage parlour. Okay, so it's not really style-related, but feeling fantastic is all-important. Try to get an ayurvedic massage, if you can. If not, 15 minutes of being pulled in directions against your body’s will can do wonders.

Buying something that’s unusual for you. This forces you to think about your clothes in an entirely new way. In my case, this item is a pale pink silk 1930’s teddy. I will wear it layered over a leotard and tights in the winter, with a beret and my big fat Frye boots that haven’t seen the light of day, despite belonging to me for years.

Doing silly things. This includes getting the bath and giving yourself a bubble beard, painting your face, hot glue-gunning jelly beans to a plastic tiara (making a jelly bean tiara! This is SO on my list of things to do now I've just thought of it!) going to a dollar store and buying something ridiculous to wear (my last purchase was a pink sheriff’s set, complete with badge and bubblegum-pink gun).

Making something to wear. This might be a simple skirt, or a crown made out of a cardboard box … You don’t have to wear it outside, if you don't want to. This is just designed to get you thinking creatively about what you wear on a daily basis.

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