Thursday, 8 January 2009

Recipes For Long Summer Days

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(Although lying on the grass listening to records is another alternative.)

Well, it's midsummer, kittens, and I am officially in the Slump. The I-don't-want-to-do-anything-it's-too-hot-I-just-want-to-nap-on-my-couch type Slump. I've decided that one way to fix this is to start playing a game I call "concoctions", that is, to make as many odd recipes, from facial moisturiser, to watermelon and rose petal jam, as I possibly can. And while I was visiting, I came across a few fantastic-sounding recipes I thought I'd share with you:

Coffee and Clove Body Scrub. Vegan friendly.

Rose Mint Foot Scrub. Vegan friendly.

Solid Perfume How-To.

Facial Moisturiser.

Chinese Sesame Ginger Scrub. Vegan Friendly.

Strawberry Exfoliator. Vegan Friendly.

Those should stave off my (and hopefully your) boredom for a while! And of course, while you're playing concoctions, this elderflower martini might also help the hours fly.

Although I did just get a call letting me know that some friends and I got a group exhibition, opening in two months' time - so that might kick me into action as well!!

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