Thursday, 29 January 2009

Lounge Wear

lounge wear?


• Black vintage petticoat
• Vintage child's kimono, Japan
• The dreaded black thongs!
• Not a scrap of makeup. The horror! Shield your eyes!


Sarah Von said...

Look at you, you natural beauty, you! I love the kimono - I have a grown up one and it's oddly too long ... which now makes sense. Next time: kiddo kimono.

meredith graves said...

But you look so unearthly GOOD without makeup! Jealous.

laura said...

great kimono! (:
i think you look very good without make-up, too.

Facehunter said...

nice Collection!!

Katie @ Très Lola said...

Thats some pretty lounge wear my dear! Nice kimono... & I totally wish I looked as good as you do al la natural. I'm a mess without my foundation & blush.

Pony said...

Sarah Von - Oh you! Shucks. I know you're off off and away at the moment, but in case you read this sometime - have SO MUCH FUN!!

meredith - this photo was probably a bit of a fluke, missy. sometimes i scare people with my makeupless face :P

Laura - thanks, kitten!

Facehunter - Thank you!

Katie - I like it too :) I wish I was disciplined enough to wear foundation and blush on a regular basis - but I just can't get it together in the mornings, you know? besides which, I refuse to believe you're any kind of a mess!