Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Link Love

Rainbow Rabbit, originally uploaded by IAM2034.

Before I pack up my computer to drive however-many-hours north to see my parents, who want to shower me with presents and belated dinner - life's hard, eh? - I thought I'd share some of the sweet and fantastic articles I've seen floating around lately.

Garance Doré toys with the myth of La Femme Francaise, which is hilarious.

Mademoiselle Meredith gives some good advice about acknowledging your anger - and recognising exactly why you're angry.

JAK AND JIL applaud Anna Dello Russo, as do I.

And Queen Michelle manages to pull of the Rachel-from-Blade-Runner look (one of my favourites, and one of my style icons!) minus the fur.

And if you're hungry, like I am right now:

Vegan Dad's Roast Pumpkin and Walnut Manacotti has had me drooling for a while, and taste.com.au has a recipe for marshmallows that I'm wondering if I could successfully vegan-ise?

Now, I'm off to find something light and travel-y to wear!

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