Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Lillie Rubin Dress

Or the blog post also known as: How To Impersonate Billy Idol In A Few Short Minutes.

black lillie rubin

I bought this dress on eBay recently on the understanding that it was from the 1950's. Once I looked at the tags and the fabric in person, I realised it's a (beautifully made) 80's dress. Oh well. It's still lovely, and doesn't have the tell-tale 80's boxy shoulders, so all is okay. It's also the perfect length - my legs don't look short and stubby, for once!

I was going to wear this dress with 50's cat-eye sunglasses, but in honour of its 80's-ness, I wore it with these funny 80's sunglasses I picked up for $2 in an op shop. If only I could have borrowed Pink's Clubmasters!

Also, can I just say: Billy Idol ain't got nuthin' on my snarl!

I'm wearing:
• Sparkly black lace vintage 'Lillie Rubin' dress, eBay.
• My beloved black patent booties, Scooter.
• Black 80's op-shopped sunglasses.

And these are some details:

lillie rubin


amanda lee said...

Hey there! I saw this dress on wardrobe_remix and I had to stop by and tell you how amazing it is. :-D

Flufffff said...

THE MOST PERFECT DRESS! Gliterrrrr, 50s shape. I love love love it!

Kaylynn said...

OMG..! You are looking gorgeous. I am in love with your black dress. Its simply gorgeous.

Leah said...

It looks really great! Glad it doesn't have 80s shoulders though.

hillary said...

fabulous dress. i have an 80's dress i am selling on etsy that reminds me of this somewhat and i dont want to part with it! nice blog.

Tara said...

REBEL YELL! You look amazing. I love it!

Pony said...

aw, thanks so much! it's good to know this dress was an all-round win.

leah - i'm really glad it doesn't have big shoulders, too. though i guess i could have altered it?

hillary - that's a shame! can't you keep it? & thanks!

tara - LOL. thank you, kitten!!

Taylor said...

i am in love with this outfit. like seriously. its amazing.

Pony said...

thanks so much! i am so excited about this dress! i can't wait til the weather gets cooler so i can start pairing it with pink berets and buckled boots!