Thursday, 8 January 2009

How to Pay Homage To Roald Dahl Through The Medium of Style

• Wear dark, elbow-length gloves like the Grand High Witch. Also, shave your head and always wear a wig. But don’t blame me if children are afraid of you.

• Wear round, owl-like glasses like Sophie from the BFG. Bonus points if you wear them with a nightgown.

Dress like a kind of peacock. Adorn yourself in plumage and the colour blue. Eat berries all day. Learn both Afrikaans and English fluently.

• Wear lace-up boots and polish them constantly. Spend hours taking them off and hours putting them on again. Admire them in a loud, vain voice to anyone who will listen.

• Keep a glittery water pistol tucked into your satin girdle. Fill it with water or alcohol at your discretion. Wear a cape.

• Wear a faux-fur coat and patent black shoes and keep a squirrel for a pet.

Give a tortoise to the one you love.

• Wear deep indigo or purple from head to foot and declare yourself a blueberry.

• Dress like Snow White, in blue, red and yellow, and go down to the track and place bets on horses: Gambling is not a sin/Providing that you always win.

• Wear a fox mask. But don’t steal livestock like the Fantastic Mr. Fox. That’s just bad form.

• Carry a riding crop like Ms Trunchbull. Wear Demeter’s Riding Crop scent for full effect.

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derya said...

hahaha! coolest fashion post ever ever ever!! i am especially tempted by the water pistol filled with alcohol. mmm. beats a hip flask.

Pony said...

Sure does! lol.

Thanks, love.