Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Dry Clean Only

I love the dress I wore last night - I really do. I try not to play favourites with my dresses, but it's just so good. Unfortunately I'm a broke student and it's dry clean only, so it really doesn't get worn much. I bought it on eBay a couple of years ago for about a third of the original price, which had me on a glee trip for weeks!

It has weird sculptural shoulders and it's incredibly well made - I want to wear it all the time! Hmph.

the pink print dress

I'm wearing:
• 'Cue' pink print trapeze dress
• Black cheapie cardigan
• Black thongs/flipflops/cardinal sins

It was also the dress I wore in my very first daily outfit photo, taken in November 2007, when I had ridiculously long hair:

about to sneeze!

In other news, I now have delicious, delicious new sunglasses that I love to death, bought for me by The Boy Made of Awesome and Glitter. Behold my terrifying bedhead and haggard sleepy face (I swear, the things I do for this blog ...):

I hope that photograph made you roll around and giggle. Side-splitting laughter is golden, kids.


Eyeliah @ said...

Oh it's such a gorgeous dress.It's such a standout it's better to wear less anyways. :-)

Claire said...

Hi there!!

Answering about the Matt and Nat bag - I got mine in August, have been using it pretty much every day since September for uni. This involves carrying quite a few A4 size things, plus lunch, pencil case, purse, umbrella, a big bottle of water and various paraphernalia which I "need" in my day-to-day life. Often it can be pretty heavy. The bag is not damaged at all, it's certainly doing well!! It has collapsed a little shapewise but I think it adds to it. I think it will look better with age.

The best bit? I got a £100 bag for £45, due to some nice half-price sale work last summer. Brilliant. I would recommend Matt&Nat based on my very limited experience with the brand!!

Hope that helps!!

Nice blog, by the way :) xx

Anonymous said...

that dress is SO GORGEOUS! Basically anything that claims to be dry-clean-only can be carefully handwashed in tepid water and air-dried (flat at first if it holds lots of water - and if it does, try laying it between two towels and pressing gently to absorb excess water). don't wring, do shape and smooth it whilst damp. also, it doesn't necessarily need to be washed every time it's worn; if you haven't sweated much, or actually got it grubby, just hanging it to air (outdoors, or inside a windy window) can be enough. good luck!

Pony said...

Eyeliah - I think so too :)

Claire - Thanks so much for replying! My current bag hasn't dies yet but I'll definitely look into getting a Matt and Nat bag next time. And thanks for the compliment! :) x

Anonymous - Thanks for the tips! I had a bad experience once with hand washing crepe (silly me!) so I'm a little gunshy, but still ... I'll definitely give this a go in the future, if only to try and save some money :)

laura said...

wow - i think i wouldn't have recognized you in that old photo. i love the dress, the colors and pattern and cut are great.

The Sequin Cat said...

I'd just handwash that beauty; I can never be bothered with dry cleaning even though a number of my garments request it