Saturday, 10 January 2009

Coloured Sock Addiction

There is nothing more important to my wardrobe at the moment as my most recent love, the beautiful and oft' overlooked coloured sock. And i don't mean in that Red Hot Chilli Peppers way either. I've been developing quite a collection recently and they've really been spicing up my dressing.

It's great, especially with all this terribly hot weather we've been having, me usually just in shorts a shirt and shoes, its hard to pull off the sort of flashy layering that you would in the colder months. But with my recent addition of colorfull socks suddenly I can wear anything I like, and simply match my socks with a cap, or a neckerchief, effectively tying everything together with such minimal effort and elegant flair.

I picked up some more interesting colours from the American Apparel online store, but your local whatever should have a reasonable selection.

I'll leave you with a pic of me from a few years ago, getting right into the whole sock thing :P

I'm wearing:
-red converse Chuck Taylors
-red an white footy socks i got from a lowes i think
-just a plain white bonds tee

So go get socking! (dad pun i know)


Pony said...

what do you wear the pink ones with?

Pink said...

pink shirts, i was wearing them at the grad show!

Pony said...

i was way too distracted/drunk at the grad show to look at your feet, i'm sorry!

Pink said...

aw, taht is oookay