Saturday, 24 January 2009

A Collection of New Things

While in the first throes of my 22nd year, I was given some happy shiny things - mostly by my mother, who, judging by these photographs, knows me all-too-well! - and so I thought I'd share the joy ...

I was given this dress by Australian brand Cue. It has pockets, which is always a bonus. I envisage wearing it with enormous hoof-like shoes, or sleek, futuristic spats like these darling things.

The dress hanging on a poor, hapless picture frame.

Details of the neckline and belt.

Luckily, I also received some tall, strappy wedges, so that's sorted:

I also have a new baby, named Soleil:

I've been using a pink iPod mini since 2005 - and I love it dearly, but as the mini has been EVERYWHERE with me, and gets carried around in my enormous handbag day after day, it's more than a little bit battered. Enter Soleil. Though I will keep using the 4GB mini as an external hard drive until it dies completely.

Finally, the silk 1930's teddy I bought a while ago arrived in my mailbox! I've wanted one for ages. It looks beautiful on, and I can't wait to start wearing it with black opaques, big shoes, powdered hair, neck ruffs, trench coats ... you name it. I think I'll have to wear something underneath, however, or risk being arrested! What I'd be arrested for, I'm not quite sure ... "Under Arrest for Enabling Titillating Glimpses"? "Under Arrest for the Lack of Ladylike Layering"?

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