Monday, 19 January 2009


Yesterday I turned twenty two. Which I guess means I'm now really in my twenties. Which might be cause for panic if I hadn't decided a long time ago not to experience adulthood on any terms other than my own - which makes the whole growing-older-thing feel a lot less scary.

At any rate, this is what I wore the night before my birthday to drink pints and dance to the "gypsy deathcore" maestros, the Barons of Tang:

The Barons of Tang.

I am clutching a longneck in homage to Pink, who was some 400 kms away at the time!

• 1950's pink organdy dress
• Black 1980's boots, defiled by a lot of titanium white oil paint.
• Black chiffon skinny belt, opshopped.
• The heavily-abused 1980's black and white striped wayfarers.

And this little picture is a little part of the outfit I wore on Saturday for a birthday picnic comprised of red velvet cake, hula hoops, bubbles, beer, and the best people ever.

birthday outfit!
Photograph taken by Monsieur Diabolik, I think!

I wore a ridiculous concoction that was equal parts fluffy cupcake and I-am-Australian-and-it's-hot!! Something along the lines of the glasses, a pink tulle 1950's prom dress (which was a really bad decision on account of the vast quantities of cake consumed), a white wifebeater and pink thongs-flip-flops-jandals-whatever-you-call-them. Styl-ish!!


Sarah Von said...

Experiencing adulthood on no terms other than your own. I love it. Happy birthday lady!

meredith graves said...

happy birthday, lady beauty!

The Sequin Cat said...

Hey birthday girl! I spy Glebe park in the background... We ended up there after a long day on Saturday for beer and chippies round 6.

Thanks for the hot Canberra tips! Kept expecting to see you round....

Pony said...

AW, thank you so much, lovelies!!

The Sequin Cat - it's a really nice park, isn't it?

& you're welcome! I hope you liked my lil city :)

The Sequin Cat said...

Contemplating whether to do a Canberra post on my blog :)

We had much much fun times, thank you!