Friday, 23 January 2009

Alison Goldfrapp

Okay, so what I really love about the ex-art student "electro sexpot" Alison Goldfrapp is her costumes. I imagine her everyday clothing is not the same - she probably doesn't always dress as a pierrot wrapped in a giant owl, or a cross between Humbert's nymphet and the Wicked Witch of the West. But her costumes are fantastic.

I love how completely fantastical they are - but understandably, they're almost impossible to get away with at the post office, or while taking your dog for a walk (but then again, why not?)

So I thought I'd pull up a few of her costumes over the years, and concoct slightly more wearable ways to get your Goldfrapp on.

I love her Black Cherry era. Unfortunately it's really difficult to translate this album's aesthetic into everyday wear - that is, without looking like a Tim Burton throwback. But with the introduction of some muted colours, the red glitter and black and white stripes can work:

Alison Goldfrapp - Black Cherry, Part II

Alison Goldfrapp - Black Cherry

Her earthy, I-am-a-goatherding-Swiss-mountaineer first album, Felt Mountain, is a lush, trilling soundscape - and Supernature, her third album, is sleek electronica. A sartorial mix of these two albums would be perfect: Glam rock and tree nymph!

Alison Goldfrapp - Supernature and Felt Mountain
Glam rock tree nymph is an aesthetic I plan on trying out myself very soon :P

In the photoshoots for Seventh Tree, Goldfrapp's fourth and latest album, Alison is all whimsical again: pirate hats and ostrich feathers, caftans and a looming, papier maché owl ... It makes me want to wear crochet dresses and buccaneer boots, and do silly things like play harps. And find a giant owl of my very own.

Alison Goldfrapp - Seventh Tree


laura said...

i like the outfits you put together. makes me want to try more things, too. (:

leah said...

Her costumes are seriously amazing! Love the post.

Pony said...

Laura - I'm so glad you like them! I hope you try some more things - it's a lot of fun! :)

Leah - Ohh, I knoww ... I'd kill to have a look inside her stage wardrobe. & thank you :)

Sarah Von said...

Genius you! These are fantastic - I would especially love to rock that last outfit.

Pony said...

You would rock that last outfit!!

Lempicka said...

wow I love your post too ! I love alison's outfits too, especially during the Felt Mountain and Black Cherry era... Do you know where I could find high quality pictures of the back cherry photoshoot ? I justed loved those outfits, and the masks and the wolves... and their website was soooo cool at the time !! (I love it now too but the one with the wolves remains my favorite)

Anonymous said...

this post rocks!! you rock! thanks so much for this.. i needed some help with ideas for an upcoming shoot, and this was a breath of air! i've always loved alison's fashion sense and you've translated it into something real for us.

now i'm dying to see where their forthcoming "head first" will take us.. you'll bring us a "rocket" too, won't you?

Miss Carole said...

One of my favourite artist! I like very much her character too, nice outfits!

Nomorewastedtime said...

Love the post. Goldfrapp is very underrated.

Zoe said...

this has given me some amazing ideas for what i want to wear to their lastest tour in Novemeber :D so excited...i love Alison she is so unique!!