Monday, 26 January 2009

Airport Wear: Daily Outfit

This is what I wore to pick up my friend from the airport. I garnered a few stares - which was weird, as I though this outfit was kind of low key? Anyway, i like it, and I like the skirt colour is repeated in the cameo brooch.

satin skirt

I'm wearing (and excuse my grumpy sleepy face!):
• 'Jeans West' knit cotton dress. It's SO comfortable. It was originally $70. I ebayed the little sucker for $2.
• 1950's satin circle skirt, bought on eBay years ago. It came with a little capelet.
• Belt, taken from one of my 'Cue' dresses.
• A weird necklace purchased from Diva over a year ago, pinned up with a faux cameo brooch.
• Black flip flops. I'M SORRY. I know they're not real footwear! And yet I keep wearing them. It's an unhealthy relationship.

Detail shot featuring a bit of everything:


1 comment:

Eline said...

This outfit really is low key, I have no idea why people started at you x_X

I love the colour(s)! & mixed with that great jewellery... it is fabulous. Rawrrr