Thursday, 1 January 2009


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I hope you all had or are having a fabulous New Year’s, whether it be quiet, decadent, debauched, sweet or whether you were fast asleep when the year ticked over. I had a relatively tranquil night – I ate pomegranates in my underwear & subsequently stained my legs pink, watched Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory with the lovely boy and drank champagne with red straws.

So in case you were at a loss as to what to do on the first day of 2009, here are some ideas:

Clean out your room/house/wardrobe. Get rid of whatever you’ve decided to discard IMMEDIATELY. Your house will look a thousand times better and it's amazing how much calmer you'll feel.

Get together a basket, a pink blanket and some mismatched crockery and have a picnic with all of your leftover food, alcohol and your nearest and dearest friends/family/comrades/neighbours.

Make wishlists, under subheadings, like “Goals”, “Wardrobe”, “Creative Work”, “Professional Work” and “Home”. The scarier and more unattainable these wishlists are, the better. These are not resolutions, per se, as they’re more about putting your ideal life on paper.

Do something (however tiny) that you’ve never, ever done before, whether that’s eating dragonfruit or durian, playing Cluedo, wearing stilettos, taking a daily outfit photo, planting seeds or adopting a kitten from an animal rescue shelter.

Stay in bed with the curtains drawn. Make coffee and toast, watch episodes of Daria or the Mighty Boosh on your computer and nurse that hangover!

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