Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Yesterday's Outfit

This photograph was taken before my ISP decided to eat my internet connection! A simple outfit - it was another ridiculously hot day.

red dress

And this is a detail of the shoes:

shoes red

I'm wearing:
• 1950's red floral dress, eBay.
• Red and cream shoes by 'Scooter'.

C'est tout!


Deena said...

I can't tell you how much I completely love your shoes. They are BEAUTIFUL.

Stacy said...

I am very glad we live half a world apart. If I had seen you in those shoes, there may have been a mugging. They are too perfect.

Pony said...

thanks, Deena, i wish i wore them more often!

Stacy - you could just ask politely :P no need to turn to a life of crime!

ezmeraldaa said...

Miss Canberra - tell me fun places to head! I'm coming (from Adelaide) on 15-19 Jan

Pony said...

well, kitten, the question is - are you legal?

if so, head to bars like trinity (in dickson), knightsbridge (mort st, braddon) hippo bar (civic) or the phoenix (civic bus interchange).

as for shopping, i don't use canberra's fair establishments very often, but there are a few shops on lonsdale st in braddon, called 'itrip iskip', 'pocket monster', & 'unit' that are cute. the only good vintage store is in fyshwick these days, which is really far away unless you're driving :/

i like 'milk & honey' in civic for coffee, and if you're not vegan, koko black, which is in civic too.

glebe park is pretty for picnics, and the merry-go-round is still only $3 a ride :)

have fun!!


ezmeraldaa said...

Thank you so much!

I am very legal and very much looking forward to my weekend away. Hoping to borrow a bike and ride around the lake at sunset.

Thanks for all the great tips. Love the blog. Will let you know when my new blog is up and running x

ezmeraldaa said...

Hey hey!

Just looking up accommodation.. we're thinking either Crowne Plaza or Diamant boutique .. opinions? Heard anything good/bad?

Thanks so much

Pony said...

ezmereldaa - sorry my comment is so late, i was away! i can't really help you on the hotel front, though, as i don't really know anything about canberra's hotels. i hope you love the one you ended up choosing!