Sunday, 7 December 2008

What I Wore To My Grad Show

Okay, so I didn't get a photograph of this outfit before I left my house on Friday night, due to the general flurry of activity going on. I did, however, recreate the outfit for you this morning, minus the headband covered in rainbow sprinkles, which sadly deteriorated over the course of the night. I was unable to recreate this outfit yesterday, because I was spending a much-needed hangover day watching Disney films and eating toast.

I did match my paintings - the stockings and scarf are the colours of the skies in my work, the patent shoes match the glossy ink silhouettes, and the dress is the colour of both my enamel and acrylic underpainting.

Thus I cement my role as the nerdiest little clothes-pony you ever did see.

And I'm wearing:

• 1950's pink ruffled prom dress, eBay.
• Black patent booties, another gift from my mother.
• Royal blue stockings,
• Blue scarf, opshopped.
• A very silly pose.

grad show dress!

In this photograph I was mid-silly pose when I discovered a butterfly on my floor. Unfortunately, there may have to be a butterfly burial in my pot of petunias later on.

theres a butterfly

And here are les new shoes! I am so excited - I walked in them for about eight hours on Friday night, and all I need is a set of insoles for them and they'll be perfect. Whereas most girls had band-aids on their feet by midnight, I was still prancing along happily. That said, I didn't feel that walking the five kilometres home was an intelligent idea. So I took a pumpkin-cum-carriage (well, a taxi) back to my little flat.



Sarah Von said...

That dress is delicious! So many yummy ruffles!

april said...

I love that colour combination and I'm very, very curious to see your paintings that inspired this outfit! I also think that it is essential to match your artwork! After all your work IS a part of you!

Pink said...

wish i got a pic of what i wore to the grad show, im so godamn useless at getting pics of my clothes @_@

Vegan and Vintage said...

Wow! love that dress, I would never have thought to pair it with blue tights - so good!

Pony said...

Aw, thanks so much guys! You made me day!

& April, some of the paintings are in earlier entry :)