Sunday, 7 December 2008

Things To Do That Don't Cost Much!

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I recently read an article in the Times about Recession Chic. I found the difference between the former lifestyles of the credit-debt-addicted, and the “new” lifestyle of elegant frugality really interesting, especially as I’ve never really experienced the former. As a student, the recession really only affects me in so far as it affects the financial situation of my university. Personally, I am on the same borderline-ramen-eating budget as usual. However, because I am an obsessive list-making girl, I’ve made a list of things to do this summer (or winter, come to think of it) that cost nothing - or almost nothing, at least!

• Watch a movie from your childhood. I suggest Sleeping Beauty, Hook, Laurence Olivier's Wuthering Heights and Mary Poppins.

• Buy some balloons. Take all the ones out of the packet that are your favourite colour. Blow them up and attach them to strings. Take a camera, a friend, and take your balloons for a walk. Photograph the walk. Dress to match the balloons!

• Fly a kite. It’s an underrated pleasure. Don’t have one? Try to make one.

• Sell any vintage clothing you no longer want on Ebay and pay your bills with the proceeds (I do this a lot!)

• Go to Asian supermarkets and buy spices (to make your inexpensive food taste better) and bizarre sweets (to chew while watching films) … and plum wine (do I need a reason? Does anyone need a reason?)

• Get old scraps of silk from the offcut bins at fabric stores. Use them as scarves and headbands.

• Invite all your friends over with their last vestiges of alcohol, juice and various cordials, and make collective cocktails with what you have. Photograph the end of the night, for purposes of entertainment on Facebook or future blackmail!!

• Library card. Get one. The price of books is ridiculous, at least in Australia.

• Dye any and all boring underwear you own a rich hue, like scarlet, sapphire, emerald, mustard or fuchsia. You can wear beige lingerie when you’re dead, okay?!! Use your various (rudimentary to amazing) sewing skills to attach sequins or diamantés. That goes for men too.

• Find old gloves at op-shops. Paint polka-dots on them. If you do it with regular acrylic paint and let it dry, they’ll never come off.

• Ride your bicycle around the prettiest part of your city when the light is low, either early evening or early morning.

• Give yourself a haircut – it’s only hair! Or make your nearest and dearest give you a haircut in exchange for cleanskin wine (Tip: Horrible unlabeled wine is improved – slightly - by mulling it with cloves, cinnamon, sugar and squeezed oranges).

I hope I’ve helped stave off your budgeting-induced boredom for a little while. If you have any ideas, list them in the comments! I’d love to know what fun things you do when money is an issue.

And on that note, I'll be back on Thursday, sandy and sunburned!


Leah said...

Excellent tips! The underwear one tickled me... but definitely need to try it!

Pony said...

Dying most things you own, even little things like tea towels, is always fun! Glad you like these :)