Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Wardrobe Remixers To Whom I'd Like to Give A Swimming Pool Full of Jelly Babies

graffiti, originally uploaded by keikolynnsogreat.

This girl's outfit has the most unusual palette I've seen in a while. I love the way she continues colours through her outfit so none of them seem out of place. I also love that she doesn't accessorise around one spectacular piece of clothing, but rather, layers and puts together fairly ordinary pieces of clothing so beautifully that the entire ensemble is fantastic.

And I would do some very illegal deeds for that belt. It's amazing.

Have A Green Holiday, originally uploaded by joulesstar.

This outfit is amazing - I love people who fearlessly mix patterns and pieces of clothing. Is that crochet around her neck? With a thrifted fur vest? Who has that kind of ingenuity? I can't really do these things myself - yet. But this fabulous woman manages to pull it all together in a way that echoes all the best eccentrics of the 1960s and yet is still entirely her own look.

Not to mention how much I love that vest.

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