Sunday, 21 December 2008

The Sunday Obsessional

Images from RU Glamour and babyteeth.

This week, the objects of my affection are:

Latex stockings. Not those tawdry black and red things, that make me feel as though I should be named DominatrixX. I mean stockings in unexpected colours, like pale blue, or white. Or a nymphy forest green. I think they'd be amazing with a silk pleated skirt, like this one, oxfords, and a thin cotton tank. Or with an antique silk teddy worn as a playsuit.

40s and 50s eyeglasses. Worn in the picture above by a beautiful Ms Meredith. Honestly, I think I've wanted to wear horn rim glasses even when I was a little girl with perfect vision. This was back in the days when I read Babysitters' Club books and probably thought it would look really cool. And now here I am again. The Babysitters' Club has a lot to answer for, sartorially speaking.

Corsages. Clearly. I love wearing jewellery on my wrists, but wearing huge stacks of bangles really isn't comfortable for me for long stretches of time. I think that making corsages and wearing them might be an answer to this.

Jean Harlow. Smoky eyes, penciled eyebrows ... sigh. She makes me want to bleach my hair white and wear silver lame all day long.

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