Sunday, 14 December 2008

Sunday Obsessional

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Ostriches. Really. While I was away in a house by the sea last week, I went through a little zoo. And I saw ostriches. I love their long eyelashes, feathered wings and the way they walk - like slow burlesque dancers. I made a note to replicate these kinds of key things in an outfit at some point.

Animal jewellery. This was brought on by the flying pig ring in one of the previous Polyvore outfits. Add swarovski poodles, pug cameo brooches, plastic animal rings and horse necklaces to the mix, and there you have it: a wild menagerie of accessories. I do love a bit of kitsch!

Neck ruffs. I've probably mentioned this before, but I've been looking for the perfect Jacobean-esque neck ruff for quite a while now. The one pictured just might be it. Except that the loss of $69.00 might make my bank account weep hot, salty tears right now. Time to DIY, maybe?


Sarah Von said...

Oooh, the ostrich inspired outfit is *lovely.* Almost lovely enough to make me overcome my fear of ostriches. I always feel like they're looking into my soul.

And that they're going to peck me right in the middle of my forehead.

Two big fears, those.

Pony said...

Oh no, now I'm going to think of that whenever I see an ostrich!!

I promise when I dress as an ostrich I won't peck anyone :P