Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Summer Wears What?

Pony's post from a couple of weeks back got me thinking, What do we wear over summer? And not just any summer, it's 2008 bitch! it's going to be 2009! And I hate those goddamn kids with their skinny tight cutoffs and sleeve tattoos and don't even get me started on board shorts ...

I reckon we need to bring back the Hunter S Thompson, get rid of this just above the knee short, bring the mid thigh back, couple it with some sexy boat shoes, or some nice plain mid sneakers (like those parachute alifes). And best of all Socks! Please oh please guys, bring back shorts with socks.

Match it with a tee, or even better your cleanest dirty singlet, throw over a dodgy 50s patterned button up (bring back the Hawaiian shirt!) top off with a sexy short brimmed trilby (straw of course) or a cap, or maybe even a VISOR! or just slick your hair down. Throw on some sunnies and there you have it. Pretty much how I'm going to look on the weekends for a long time coming.

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