Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Style Resolutions for 2009

This editorial reminds me: learn to mix patterns beautifully.

Throw out the pieces I loved (and thrashed).
This includes a pair of battered metallic ballet flats, black worn-out skinny jeans that I replaced with another pair but can’t seem to part with, several pairs of stockings so trashed I’ve cut the feet off and turned them into leggings, and a red hoodie I’ve had since I was fifteen. They look awful – faded, patchy and threadbare. So it’s time to find new pieces to love to death.

Give away and sell anything ill-fitting, unflattering or unworn.
I have several beautiful vintage dresses that look awkward or wrong on me. The bust is too large, or the shoulders are too wide, or the colour washes me out. I also have several ecru-coloured, beaded and embroidered Australian designer formal dresses I bought aged 17 or 18. They’re gorgeous, but really – I don’t wear modern formal dresses. Their pale colours make me look like death. And I haven’t worn them more than once in the four or five years I’ve owned them.

These are the kinds of pieces that I want to go to a good home, though, so they’ll most likely be sold.

Wear the shoes I always find excuses not to wear.
Oh, I’ll be doing a lot of walking today. Oh, I’ll be driving. Oh, it’s raining. Oh, I have to get down the stairs of my apartment block. Oh, these are too crazy/formal/bright for everyday wear.

You know the excuses. This year I will WEAR MY SHOES. And not stick to boring crappy flats. Flats that I justify on the grounds that they are more “comfortable”, even though they have no arch support and give me blisters.

Always, always, dress in clothes I love, whether I’m going out for carousel rides, painting in the studio or lounging around in bed playing Solitaire.
That is: This year I will stop selling myself short by refusing to get out of pyjamas, or by wearing a pilling woollen dress that gives me no joy.

Get any dresses that are an unflattering length tailored to fit.
I have a lot of dresses in this category. But this year I will tackle that pile. I can’t hem at all – my hand-sewing skills are a joke – but I might bribe my mother with money or cake.

Don’t buy any more vintage from eBay unless:
It is EXACTLY the right measurements, it is undamaged or able to be fixed, and I am IN LOVE WITH IT. Heathcliff and Cathy love. I’ll-wait-on-the-threshold-of-some-shadowy-spiritual-nirvana-til-you’re-pushing-up-the-daisies-too love.

Downsize wardrobe by the end of the year or risk the most hellish moving-out ever.
By the end of the year, I only want clothes that I love, that flatter me, and that suit my lifestyle. If you have any tips on how to achieve this magical downsizing, let me know! I am a life-long packrat, and the thought of getting rid of my belongings makes me want to cry.

Make grey my new neutral.
I am too clumsy to wear white. Last night’s attempt at eating soup (by attempt, read: disaster) is testament to this! And I always feel terribly lazy for wearing black (though I love it, yes I do). I am particularly interested in getting a matte grey manicure.

Improve posture.
I must have thought at some point during my teens that a slight hunch was quite cute. I am paying for it now. To myself, I say: Stand up straight!!

If I have to wear a flannelette shirt/raincoat/painting jeans, at least wear a scarf and red lipstick too.

And, lastly, take more risks!
Fuck the neighbours! Fuck the Joneses, whoever they are! Fuck dress codes, beige underwear, drab suits, social uniforms and feeling insecure! The world is already flooded with the dull and the bland. Be an ark.

So, lovelies, what are your style resolutions for 2009?


Anonymous said...

Your blog is amazing!! :D
My style resolutions would be:
1. Don't buy anything new
Sweatshops are bad, there's nothing I REALLY need and all the good stuff is at vintage/thrift stores anyway.
2. Make more of my clothes
Cause making things is fun and a great challenge.

Jin6655321 said...

I used to hold onto clothes for dear life with the unshakable belief that everything will come back in style eventually. I used to have two (packed!!!) closets, one for current season in my bedroom and one for off season in the guest room (and coats and jackets in the hall closet... so I guess that's three).

I got it all whittled down to one closet by deciding to wear everything I own at least once. I started from the left and worked my way to the right, the next clothes in line is the clothes that I had to wear that day, no ifs and or buts. A lot of times I found myself deciding to get rid of something rather than wearing it. It's really hard to let go if you know you never have to actually wear it, it's very easy if you're "forced" to wear it that moment. After my experiment, I was left with only my absolute favorites and now I very rarely have those "Ugh! I have nothing to wear!" moments.

As an added bonus, it made me get a bit more creative with my outfits and discouraged me making impulse purchases.

Good luck with your resolutions!

afterprufrock said...

hi meow;

happy new year! did you go out and play? i stayed in and watched a pierce brosnan film avec mon petit frère. i think this year i will wear more skirts and less pants and buy more blue socks. also, i've settled on a plan for 2009!! exciting but involved copious amounts of hundred $ bills which I have not (yet).

i dare say we need to expand this conversation;


Pony said...

anonymous - thanks so much :) i think those sound like fantastic resolutions. and if you ever really have a craving for something new, it's bound to be on eBay. so many people sell things on there that they've never even worn! and technically, it's still second-hand ;)

Jin6655321 - that is SUCH a good idea. i've been thinking about it since yesterday, and i think i'll give it a try. i have a feeling that if forced to wear some of my clothes on a certain day, i'd realise that i'd rather give them away. anyway, brilliant suggestion, thank you!

Pony said...

afterprufrock - i had a quiet but decadent night :)
so why blue socks? and it's funny, i never really pictured you as a trousers kind of girl.

and what is your exciting plan, kitten?? i wish to know!


nymph & cloud said...

i wholeheartedly agree- dont let your closet become a cemetery. make every event magical! wear nice outfits to the dentist. wear sparkly heels to the gas station! :)

Pony said...

i am really excited about the prospect of sparkly heels at the service station :)