Monday, 29 December 2008

Scents & Birthdays

Well, my next birthday is coming up. In three weeks, to be exact. And one thing I’d really like is a set of Demeter perfumes. The combination of Thunderstorm, Lilac and Riding Crop sounds to me to be intense and delicious – earthy, floral, leathery and a little dirty. Perfect.

I also concocted a little outfit on Polyvore that I think would suit these three fragrances. I definitely like the idea of pops of bright lavender and turquoise in amongst the black almost-fetish-wear. Not to mention that the whole ruffled prom dress with lace-up boots look is about the only mid-90’s aesthetic I ever liked – think 1995’s Mad Love.

Also, if a quasi-Victorian ruffled umbrella like the above ever found its way to me, I’d be a very very happy little Pony.

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