Tuesday, 2 December 2008

A Particularly Ardent Task

So my recent absence in the blogosphere can be quite truthfully attributed to my having moved house, and only having finally got the internets hooked back on up this very day. Now, moving is always quite the task for the clothes connoisseur, but in my particular circumstances doubly so. You see, I decided a few months ago to leave sunny Canberra for the distant shores of overseas, and, as a result, found myself technically homeless for a matter of months in a matter of weeks. I sorted it out of course, sending the majority of my worldly possessions to my parents house in the middle of nowhere, and crashing in my friends study until i leave later this year.

And the thing that was bothering me more than any other? Will it be okay for me to live in a 1 beddy flat with 2 other people? When do we get the internet connected again? What am i going to do without my comic collection? NO, NO, NO. It was, what clothes do i keep with me for my 3 months in gimp-box-purgatory?

After much consideration I broke it down to a few simple clusters. I decided to keep ALL of my shoes (those being my most important clothing cornerstone) I decided to keep only 10 jackets (it was after all coming up to summer, and Australian summer is HOT), I thought since I work in hospy I would keep all of my black shirts (uniform), a select spattering of my other favourite shirts, most of my jeans (but none of my other pants) and of course all of my hats, sunglasses, and other miscellania (is that even really a word?).

I ended up with about 2 dozen jackets, but I pretty much managed to keep myself under control with the rest. Now its been about 5/6 weeks since the big exorcism and I haven't really until now started feeling like I'm missing out on anything, considering the I sent away probably four fifths of my wardrobe its made me wonder how much of what I own I like and how much is actually just random filler!

Stick that in your pipe fellow clothers, how much of what you buy do you actually wear?


Pony said...

Poor Mr Pink. Don't worry - I have a hefty amount of dresses you can borrow if things get desperate!

I've been thinking about this a lot lately - there are a lot of gems in my wardrobe that I NEVER pull out and wear.

Pink said...

you know right now i cant even take my pants off they are so tight!

im certain ill sort something out, but it is distressing...