Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Paintings, Palettes and ... Prom Dresses?

dissolving & in the  pinesnaked ghosts & trembling

Things might be a little quiet for the next day or three, as my parents are visiting, I'm cleaning out my painting studio, going to the ballet, preparing for my graduate show and am being interviewed as a candidate for the Honours program. Phew!

But most importantly, during that time I have to figure out what I'm going to wear to the grad show! In all likelihood, I'll be the biggest nerd in the world and dress in colours that complement my paintings.

This is where I hide my face in shame! I am a true sartorial geek.

So if the four paintings above are anything to go by, I am going to be in candy pink and royal blue from hat to shoe! (Rhyme completely unintentional, I promise!)


Sarah Von said...

Dude, matching your dress to your painting is nothing short of genius. I hope your going to post photos!

Pony said...

I TOTALLY am!! Plus there are a lot of well-dressed people at my art school, so I may do a post on all of their outfits as well :)