Saturday, 20 December 2008

Of Girls

Girly Girls!

Pony's article got me thinking about girls whos style I really dig, and somewhat ironically, I, much like pony, came to the realisation that I like girls dressing in a more boyish way (her being the opposite, prefering boys in girlier clothes). I want sneakers, caps, matching glasses, bright tights! Big boys shirts as dresses (especially sports shirts!), hoodies! and WIGS please more wigs!

The best outfits, as always, take elements from everywhere, making what would usually seem dissonant suddenly cohesive. Check MIA here, blue tights, matching wig, with a police cap onLink top (who wears a wig with a hat? awesome!), shiny silver boaty neckish top, and that purple skirt? hey? but its all pulled together with little details like the patterned scarf wrapped around the hat matching the silver of her shirt and even the top of her glasses, and that red lipstick just blasting through it all!

And now people like this girl! Carrie Mundane or Cassette Playa, i'm not totally convinced about her fashion label (even though she does dress MIA and lots of my favourite musos occasionally :P), but I am very into the way she dresses herself, all the same things are appearing! look at her, all black and white, even her hair matching her outfit, my favourite part of this one, again, the little things, the gold trim on her chanel ring and also her glasses. Spectacular.

And finally, and also I spose somewhat predictably considering my taste for late 80s/90s fashion, we have salt n pepper, dressing pretty much like they were extras from The Fresh Prince.

I cant even say anything about this one, just, wow.

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Pretty Pirate said...

that carrie is adorable, never heard of her before. super cute!