Wednesday, 17 December 2008

More Pink - Because All You Need Is Pink ...

Another outfit, from yesterday's opshop expedition, with an inappropriately sombre face:

pink dress & glasses

I do really hate the shoes I'm wearing though, so maybe that's why I look less-than-pleased. After this photograph, I vowed to give the pink monstrosities to charity.

I'm wearing:
• Raspberry pink 1940s dress from eBay.
• 'I ♥ Billy' shoes, given to me when I was seventeen. Dusty from lack of use.
• White 'Diesel' glasses, and
• Various bracelets from new age stores.

Bracelet detail:

bracelet detail

And I picked up a vintage circle skirt while op-shopping. It hangs beautifully and fits me perfectly. I haggled the shop lady down two dollars, though - mostly out of principle. Seriously, why are op-shops charging chain store prices now? When did this happen? Are the ladies running these shops trying to fund octogenarian crack habits?

Anyway, tiny rant aside. More importantly, the skirt:


Leah said...

I love your dress and the skirt find is fabulous!

You know, I wonder the same thing about the prices in charity shops. But I always feel slightly bad about bartering prices down (I'm bad at haggling anyway), do you have any tips?

Pony said...

I think the key is to be friendly. I usually approach them with a smile, say hello, and then say that it's a lovely dress (skirt, shirt, whatever), and I really want it, but I'm afraid I only have "this much" (I generally have the exact change in my hand as I say this). They usually give it to me for that amount if I approach them like this. If I say "this is overpriced", or "can you sell this for any less?" they usually refuse.

Good luck :)

Pink said...

i thought this thread was about me.

and now ive got the grumps.

Pony said...


poor diddums! hahaha

Pink said...

but that new thread about me is cool, so, whatevers.

The Sequin Cat said...

Ja, seriously about op shop prices these days! Do they not realise that with lower prices, we're liable to buy more (risk certain dubious items eg. "I'm not sure about this skirt, oh well it's only $1")?

Thankfully I still know a few low priced op shops in town. One I visited recently was selling some shirts for $15. Seriously. I know they were brand name (Veronica Maine, or Country Road or the ilk) but, fer reals?

I cannot stand the Salvos - $5.75 for some scraggy jumper. Everything is (x)dollars and seventy-five cents. SEVENTY FIVE!

Rant also over.

Anonymous said...

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