Saturday, 13 December 2008

Male Style

It’s no small secret – especially now I splash it all over this little blog – that I’m partial to lace. Bows. Pearls. Pink. Pastels. Typically feminine clothing. I haven’t always loved such girly things. I have a dark history - a tomboyish childhood, and a patchouli-laced hippie adolescence. But these days, I have a love of clothing and accessories so sweet that Strawberry Shortcake would probably gag.

And yet I’m becoming more and more attracted to masculinity, androgyny, and to long, sleek silhouettes.

Most of my style icons, as it happens, are men. When I say I’m attracted to androgyny, I don’t mean I’m about to go out and buy cut-off jeans and Von Dutch caps. Bleurgh. No! I’m talking more about the play between masculine and feminine found in creatures like 18th century French dandies, all lavender and powder; or the dancers in a lesbian bar found in Henry and June, wearing tuxedos and clutching slim cigarettes.

Basically, I’m attracted to contrast. I’ve never really been interested in a single aesthetic. And so for that reason, lately I’ve been looking at the personal styles of certain men more and more, to see how I can mix their rakish, extravagant style with my own frills and cocktail rings.

Men like Devendra Banhart:

He’s slightly insane – but I like that in an outfit (or a man, for that matter). I like the way he throws together old jeans and headdresses, or girl’s pea coats and sunglasses. He thinks laterally, and his outfits border on costumes.

Jimi Hendrix is also worth mentioning.

My obsession with him probably stems from the tie-dyed teenage years I mentioned before. His outfits, again, are so opulent and layered they are almost costume-y, but I think there’s something incredible about how piled on and excessive his clothes were. And yet he wore them, absolutely – his clothes never overpowered him. But as a five-foot-two girl, there’s no way I pull off that kind of excessive dressing.

Noel Fielding (above) is incredibly trendy, which I don't normally like. But the man looks good in ladies coats! And who am I to argue with that? Not to mention his World War II transvestite look, which should be imitated the world over.

And, of course, John Galliano, pictured with a satin-clad Ms. Theron:

Hmm. Maybe I should just admit I like men who look theatrical!

Whose style do you admire of the opposite sex?

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