Friday, 19 December 2008

From The Cold To The Heat

I bought this deadstock two-piece rose-patterned halter dress set (excuse the mouthful!) back in March. The top was, sadly too small for me at the time, but due to some kind of magic, it now fits!

This is how I wore the skirt in April, when the temperature was starting to drop:


And here's how I wore it today, while mooching around listening to Prince, The Smiths and N.E.R.D:


I'm wearing:
• The dress set!
• 'Novo' kitten heels
• Black fabric belt worn wrapped around my head.

And without further adieu, I have to go and keep packing for my visit to my parents' house, while dancing to the falsetto vocal stylings of Morrissey.


Vixel said...

That's really pretty!

a cat of impossible colour said...

I love that dress/two-piece!

Pink said...

are you listening to the new N.E.R.D!?? i find it somewhat hard to comprehend!

Pony said...

Thanks, loves! I adore this two-piece too!!

And no, Pinky, I am listening to old N.E.R.D. Is that actually any easier to believe, though?