Sunday, 7 December 2008

Fear and WHAT!

so with my current obsession with Hunter S fasion, i thought that this super dope awesome mixtape would be slightly applicable...

even if you score it for free and only listen to the first track which samples underworlds own Born Slippy.

also ive been really really getting into the new U God Mix tape and i guess if you like the Wu then youll be heaps into this (like me) but otherwise maybe give it a miss? its all im doing tho.


also what am i wearing today?

well shiiii... its summer so sue me...

\so what im wearing!

My Original Rayban clubmasters (sunglasses, duh)
Bonds singlet
Bonds undies!
Levi 501s, cut off by me!
DC thongs


Sarah Von said...

Ya know, I would have never thought that the Hunter S. look was pull-off-able, but I stand corrected friend. Excellent job!

Pony said...

you definitely bring the class and sophistimacation, Mister!