Thursday, 11 December 2008

Farewell Oh Me

So my DJ alias is Ricki Sparkles, and I am leaving Canberratown, and I am having a party, and If you are around you should drop in and say hi! And wear your sparkles, oh please!

But back into it! This is something I wore the other afternoon that I managed to get a picture of, I was originally rocking my top 2 buttons undone but this is later and it was getting unseasonably cold, so I did them up for warmth! I was going for a sorta country boy look, which is technically what I am I guess...

Anywho, what I'm wearin is...

-Bowling shoes that i bought from the alley in my hometown in highschool!
-Levi Blacks
-Op Shopped shirt
-My trusty nintendo side bag
-49ers cap with broken brim, beastie boys stylin


Anonymous said...

by bought i trust you mean stole

Pony said...

Haha - You know, I do believe he actually bought those ones.

Shocking, I know.