Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Current Things

• I sold three paintings last week. Hello, sudden ascension out of the red!

• A combination of Chanel Pre-Fall 2009 and seeing The Red Shoes, based on the 1948 film, has instilled in me a longing to channel elements of late 19th century Russian decadence, in the years before its destruction and decay. Excessive jewels, ushankas, gilded headpieces, punctuating my native language with French phrases. And somehow incorporate these into my clothing without suffering heat exhaustion. Or saying the wrong French phrase.

• I went to a dinner party the other night in a black and white 50’s organdy dress, black sequinned jacket by MinkPink, black and white shoes and a coral Rosie the Riveter-esque do-rag. I forgot to photograph it. I was thoroughly distracted by vegan mango pudding and cheap beer. And then wine. And then cheap wine. And then skipping and stumbling home and crawling into bed.

• I really miss painting already. I have to find a way to paint in my kitchen … or something.

• Current desires include: sequinned berets, velvet breeches, and this chili recipe.

• I am also rereading Sark’s ‘How To Live Without Money’, as well as Simon Doonan’s Eccentric Glamour, which gives me the giggles, but ends on a sweet note about the “nice, good-natured trout”, Isabella Blow:

The best way to honour the memory of this fallen heroine is to keep the flame alive. Unfurl the banner of eccentric glamour every single day of your life, and … wave it at the neighbours until the neighbours start waving back.
Simon Doonan, Eccentric Glamour.


Anonymous said...

I just finished that book as well, and enjoyed it so much. Love his sense of humour. Janavi

Lilly said...

oh my god, amour! how is it possible we a) have not spoken in so long, and b) were unaware of each other's web escapades! ludicrous. i trust you've been well. we need to start correspondence in ink again, i think.



Pony said...

Janavi - Have you read Wacky Chicks? I was really put off by the title but it's a gorgeous & funny read, too :)

Lilly - Hello lady! You have a darling blog! I don't know how I didn't know this! Letters should definitely ensue - my email address is the same, kitten. x