Friday, 28 November 2008

Winter Scents

I don't have a signature scent. The perfumes and fragrances I wear change from day to day. This winter, however, I only wore two fragrances: Marc Jacob's Violet, and Tom Ford's Black Orchid Voile de Fleur. These two perfumes are heady creatures, floral and darkly romantic. I love them.

Marc Jacobs's Violet:

At first I thought this was a grandmotherly fragrance. Musty. It conjured up images of mothballs, lace tablecloths and floral wallpaper. The longer I inhaled the more I sensed something darker, something overripe.

This scent makes me want to wear silk and taffeta. To make a sound with my skirts as I walk, to eat stone fruits and let the juice run down my forearms. It is the perfect scent for plum colours, forest greens, jewel tones, mixed with a touch of modernity to offset Violet's slight mustiness:


In this photograph I'm wearing:

• Fuchsia dress by 'Zara'
• Silk ivory Victorian cape
• Black and white striped wedges
• Newly acquired plum geometric scarf, tied around wrist

Tom Ford's Black Orchid Voile de Fleur:

This is the best scent I've ever worn. It smells like an afternoon spent sitting in an armchair by a blackened fireplace, with lilacs hung to dry from the ceiling. It smells like a woman who still wears black lace lingerie, even in her old age, even while doing mundane things like feeding her cat (or alligator!) and tending to her garden. It is decadent.

I usually wear brighter hues while wearing this fragrance, to counteract the almost overwhelming scent of powder and rot it exudes.

blue dots

In this photograph I'm wearing:

• Blue polka-dot silk 50's dress
• 70's suede ankle boots
• Newly-acquired cotton scarf with strange pattern
• Salmon-coloured crinoline (not seen)

Songs that suit these fragrances:
Pink Martini - Song of the Black Swan
Cosmo Cosmolino - Odessa Bulgarish


Lady Smaggle said...

Okay where the hell did you get the awesome wedges? Please say Canberra, Please say Canberra!

Pony said...

Aww no, I'm sorry dear Lady - but I did get them on eBay!!? They're made by 'Anne Michelle', if that helps!