Monday, 17 November 2008

Wardrobe Remixers To Whom I'd Like to Give A Bunch of Balloons


This is a woman who can pull off an eye patch. Need I say more? The 50's dress alone earns her points in my book, but all in all she looks gorgeously off-the-wall. And makes me want to take up a life of piracy.

Jean C'est Quoi

In addition to the adorable name, this girl made her own gaiters, looks amazingly cute in this striped jumper dress ... and all while she's struck down with a cold!!


Pink said...

all im going to say about eyepatches is Slick motherfucking rick.

Pony said...

I have a dream of wearing a gold filigree eyepatch with swarovski crystals ... Sigh. I'll be half-pirate, half-heiress.