Friday, 21 November 2008

Today's Outfeet!


• Aqua scarf, purchased for the princely sum of fifty cents from an opshop.
• 1940's lace and tulle dress with pink fabric-covered buttons. eBay.
• Salmon-coloured 50's tulle crinoline, eBay.
• Black 80's oxford flats, eBay.
• Aqua belt, opshop, also about fifty cents. God I'm a tightwad.

Don't you just love the expression? I call it "le stunned mullet chic".


Sarah Von said...

Fantastic outfit! The teal belt and headband really make it. I also love the doll-like gesture of your hand. Lovely blog!

Pony said...

thank you! i never know what to do with my hands in outfit photos :)

i had a look at your blog - it's gorgeous, and the advice you give is just fantastic!